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Financial Tools

Simple Budget (pdf) (Excel)

Use this simple budget to get started on your road to financial freedom.  Get control of your money instead of it controlling you. Tell EVERY dollar you have coming in what to do!

Distribution Budget (pdf)

Use this sheet to spend each paycheck out.

Recommended Percentages (pdf)

Check this out as a guideline to see if your expenses are in line with what they should be.

9 Financial Steps To Freedom (pdf)

The best way to take control of your life is with a plan, doing things on purpose.  Here are your steps toward that freedom!

Financial Checklist (pdf)

Do you have all the necessary tools in place to take care of your family?  Here is a checklist to find out!

Pro Rata Letter (pdf)

Use this sample letter to send to your creditors if you don’t have enough money to cover your minimum payments.

Retirement Projections (Excel)

Use this file as a guide to calculate how much you need to save to retire comfortably.

College Savings (pdf)

Use this file as a guide to calculate how much you need to save for your kids’ college.  Keep in mind that they should be doing everything they can to get scholarships as well!

IRS Withholding Calculator

If you are getting a huge tax refund every year, you are letting the government use your money interest free throughout the year.  Maximize your monthly cash flow by using the IRS Withholding Calculator to know how to adjust your withholdings.

Annual Credit Report

You should check your credit report (this doesn’t necessarily mean your credit score) every so often to make sure there are no mistakes or that no one has stolen your identity.  Go to this website and check your report once per year for free.

Stop the Junk Mail-Credit Bureaus

If you want to stop receiving credit card offers and other junk mail, go to this website and fill out the form.  We love not getting junk mail!

It’s Your Money Blog

This is a daily blog you can subscribe to that has great money tips, advice and reports.  It usually has a featured discount from major in-store or online retailers each day too.

Kiplinger’s Starting Out Blog

Great money advice from Kiplinger’s geared specifically to people in their twenties.

Suggested Reading List

Books I recommend that cover personal finance, marriage, and parenting.  I have personally read each of these books and will continue to add books as I go along.  The average millionaire reads at least one nonfiction book per month.

Mike’s Favorite Marriage Resources

Engaged Marriage

One Extraordinary Marriage

Focus on the Family

Dr. Laura Schlessinger

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