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The Beyond Your Wedding Day Marriage Preparation Course

Improving lives, one marriage at a time.  That is simply our goal.

One of the greatest joys Mandy and I have is working directly with a couple who is soon to be married or is newly married.  It is amazing to see other couples who have as strong of a passion as we do to make their marriage the best it can be!

Mandy and I are the type to not do anything in our life halfway, we go all out!  That includes marriage.  If that sounds like you, then this course may just be perfect!

We have spent countless hours helping couples build a strong foundation for their marriage.  We have done this by working with couples one on one.  We have done this during marriage preparation retreats.  And, we do it each week on the Beyond Your Wedding Day Podcast. We would be honored to use our expertise to help you build a long, happily ever after marriage.

The following are each of the topics we cover:

  • Getting To Know Each Other
      Discover you and your spouse-to-be’s personality style.  More importantly, learn how to blend those personality styles together in order to achieve a harmonious marriage.  There are always going to be things that surprise you about your spouse after the wedding day, but taking this lesson will definitely reduce those surprises.
  • Expectations
      Disappointment happens from false expectations.  You have probably dreamed and envisioned what married life will be like since your were a small child.   This lesson will help you see beyond the infatuation and learn that true, deep love is what marriage is all about.  Starting your marriage with the right expectations will help curb any let down you may have a few months into it.  We want you to hit the ground running and never look back!
  • Roles
      Have you really discussed who is going to take care of what when you get married?  Who will wash dishes, change diapers, pay the bills, etc?  Allow us to help you set up a plan to address those questions.
  • Money
      Money problems are the #1 cause of divorce in the US and you as a couple need to understand how important it is to be on the same page financially at the start of your marriage.  This is the topic we are most passionate about as we have seen firsthand how important it is to get this part of your marriage right.  No need to worry about money fights when you are done with this lesson.
  • Sex and NFP
      This will be split up into two separate presentations:
      Sex/Intimacy:Intimacy is one of the most important parts of a marriage.  If not handled properly, it can cause much stress and anguish.  When approached properly, however, it can be the most rewarding, satisfying, and fun parts of marriage!   We will help you approach it in the most positive way.
      Natural Family Planning: NFP is a central part of our marriage.  We truly believe that it blesses your marriage beyond measure.  We will give you the basics of how it works and, more importantly, we will discuss the benefits it will bring to your marriage.
  • Communication
      Everyone has heard the cliche that the key to a good marriage is communication.  The reason so many say that is because it’s true!  We will help you learn the best way to communicate with your particular spouse using your particular style.
  • Resolving Conflict
      Although it may be hard to imagine, there will inevitably be conflict in your marriage.  Conflict does not have to mean “fight” though.  We will walk you through the best way to prevent a discussion from becoming an all out screaming match!
  • Sacredness of Marriage and Spirituality
      We will discuss both how important your walk with God is to marriage and how important marriage is to your walk with God.  The paradigm shift you will experience will greatly change the way you approach your marriage in regards to your faith.
  • In-Laws
      Like it or not, in-laws can have a major impact on your marriage (think Everybody Loves Raymond).  This can be an extremely thorny issue, maybe even the one that you both are a little scared to talk about.  We will help you learn the best way to handle this part of your marriage.
  • Children
      Children are definitely a huge blessing to a marriage and they can also cause extreme stress on a marriage.  Providing a unified front is vital to successful parenthood.  Having three children ourselves, we will discuss what we have found to be the best way to continue to strengthen your marriage even when little ones start showing up.
  • Sticking With It
      Every marriage goes through up and downs , but true joy comes from sticking with it together.  But how do you do that?  We will discuss!

How the course works:

Once you decide which course option you want to participate in (see options below), we will schedule a time to have our first coaching session.  Mandy and I will lead you through the information pertaining to the topic chosen.  We will then give you some homework to do on your own: mostly questions to discuss together.  Finally, we will check back with you again after you have done your homework to see how it went (and to hold you accountable) and to answer any questions you may have.  So, it’s not just something you read or watch (although that is part of it), you also get us personally as your coaches to guide you through the process.  The coaching sessions will be done using Skype or Google Hangout, whichever fits your needs better.  We will generally schedule them anytime on Wednesdays or evenings.

 Course Options:

 Beyond Your Wedding Day Basic- $300

This will include 3 total topics.  The topics covered will be money (we truly believe that getting on the same page financially is vital to the success of your marriage: that’s just how we roll) plus two topics of your choosing from the above list.

Beyond Your Wedding Day Plus-$300 + $100 per extra topic

You can choose how many topics you want to cover (with a minimum of 3 and money being one of them) and just pay $100 per topic beyond 3.

Beyond Your Wedding Day Premium-$1,000

If you choose to do all eleven topics, you basically get the eleventh for free!  This, of course, will give you the most solid foundation for your marriage covering all the possible areas!

Referral Program:

Here’s the really cool thing.  If you refer someone for any of the course options, you will receive 25% off of your course fee AND so will they!


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