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Getting Started With Beyond Your Wedding Day

First, please watch this one and a half minute video:


If you are new to learning about handling your money or improving your marriage or maybe, like most of us, you could improve on both: then this is a great place to start!

Follow These Steps:

Step 1: Learn about who I am

The best way to learn about my wife, Mandy,  and I’s story is to check out the about page.  It will give you a feel for who I am and the journey we took to get here.  It will hopefully give you the answer to “why does he do all this anyway?”

Step 2: Read/Listen to some of the best content I have to offer

I truly enjoy giving away as much information I can. That’s how passionate I am about helping marriages and helping people get on the same page financially.  There’s two main ways I go about that here.  First, I have my blog where I post articles about handling money.  Second, Mandy joins me for the Beyond Your Wedding Day Podcast where we discuss all aspects related to building a stronger marriage and how that plays out in our marriage.  Here are some of the most popular posts to help you get started:

Blog Posts:

You Aren’t What You Drive

A 1.2 Million Dollar Lunch

Handling Financial Infidelity In Your Marriage

In-Laws and Your Finances Are Like Oil and Water

Podcast Episodes:

An interview with newlyweds Chris and Ashleigh Wisslead

Sex and marriage

What to do when you fall out of love in your marriage

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Step 3: Take Action!

Go to the resources page and check out all of the free resources I have  for you so you can start improving your finances and your marriage today!

My basic beliefs about money:

1) A budget is a must.

I believe wholeheartedly and teach that in order to do your best with money you must live on a budget.  No matter how much money you make or how little money you make, YOU being in charge of your money is vital.

2) The best advice you can receive about money is from Scripture.

The beautiful thing about following God’s way of handling money is you don’t have to worry about opinions.  Scripture is God’s love letter to us telling us the best way to live our lives.  There are scores of Scripture verses about money and that is where true wisdom lies.

3) Husband and wife must be on the same page.

If a married couple is going to succeed with their money (and marriage for that matter), they must be on the same page.  This means lots of communication and planning.  One person cannot be completely in the dark about the family’s financial situation.  When done right, this can be one of the best aspects of your marriage and greatly affect all other aspects of your marriage.

4) Debt should be avoided when at all possible.

I don’t use the word often, but I HATE debt.  I have worked with way too many families that debt has almost destroyed.  The only debt I recommend or have in my own life is mortgage debt.  Even then, I have strict guidelines.  Based on #2 above, the Scripture is very clear that debt is no good.

There are many more beliefs I have about money (in fact, the blog and podcast are filled with them), but this hopefully gives you a flavor of where I am coming from with my advice on money.  I realize that my advice is not for everyone, but if you like what I have to say, then stick around and enjoy the ride!

My basic beliefs about marriage:

1) Don’t be so serious all the time.

I have found from observing many married couples that sometimes people are just too serious.  Everything about the marriage has to be a major ordeal.  Mandy and I have learned that you have to laugh and have fun as a couple.  The happiest couples I know just know how to have fun.  Don’t be so miserable all the time, choose to lighten up and watch your marriage prosper!

2) God must be a part of your marriage.

It is possible for a marriage to thrive without God at the center?  Absolutely.  I do believe, however, it is much, much more difficult to do so.  When I say God at the center of your marriage, I am not talking about showing up at church on Sundays and going through the motions.  I mean, both of you, truly trying to pursue a Christ-like life and helping your spouse along the same path as well.

3) Love is a choice!

I have three girls, so I have seen plenty of Disney princess movies.  The fairy tale ending with the butterflies following you and your spouse around everywhere you go just isn’t going to happen.  I’m not saying that you can’t truly be happy with your spouse, I’m just saying the “in love feeling” you feel when you first start dating wears off.  Love is an action, not a feeling.  I truly believe if every spouse would come to realize this, the divorce rate would be tiny.

4) The best thing you can do for your kids is to have a strong marriage.

Unfortunately, it is easy for those of us who are married with children to become so child-obsessed that we neglect our spouse.  The problem is this often leads to marriages falling apart and divorce, which is one of the worst possible things for your children.  Ironic, huh?  You must carve out time for you and your spouse and your children must visibly see the love between their parents.  That is better for your kids than worrying about running them to their next ballgame.

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