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Q: We don’t make a lot of money,  how can we possibly afford your services?

A: This is a great question.  I understand that it is hard to justify spending money on coaching services when you don’t have much to spare.  However, if you work the plan that we set up together, I will guarantee the fee will more than pay for itself in the time we work together.  It is typical for the fee to pay for itself in half the time of us working together.

Q: How would the fee pay for itself?

A: If you work the plan we set up together, there will be financial benefits.  Chances are, if you know you need to be doing better with your money, then you have not been doing all the right things with that money.  Once you implement your plan, your financial situation is guaranteed t0 begin to improve.  Depending on your situation, that improvement will mean many different things.  It could mean more savings, less debt, and/or better protection of your money.

Q: How much do you charge for your financial coaching?

A: The fee you are charged is customized to your situation.  As stated above, the fee is set up so that it will more than pay for itself.  Because your situation is unique, your fee will also be unique.  I would love to offer you 30 minutes of free coaching with no obligation, we can discuss the fee at that point and decide if we want to work together.

Q:Can you help us improve our credit score?

A: I get this question often.  Honestly, I will be straight up and say that I don’t really care about your credit score.  I don’t care about my credit score!  Pause for a second and ask yourself why you want a higher credit score.  The only reason you would be concerned about your credit score would be to acquire more debt.  I do not advise you to have any debt (other than a mortgage with certain guidelines) which is why I am not concerned about a credit score.

Q: We have a bunch of debt, isn’t bankruptcy our only option?

A: Bankruptcy is rarely the only option.  In fact, it is rarely a good option at all.  Most people do not realize that bankruptcy is expensive: it can cost up to $2,000.  Also, debts such as student loans and taxes are not wiped out during bankruptcy.   The other aspect people often underestimate is the emotional toll bankruptcy has on your life.  It often takes a toll on marriages as well.  I will always encourage you to do everything you possibly can before declaring bankruptcy.  That way, if it comes down to being the only option, you can know that you did everything in your power to avoid it.

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