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  “We liked the casual atmosphere and the open conversation.  It was easy to follow and understand and very educational.  The information about student loan debt and ideas on what to expect when sending your child to college was very eye opening.”—John and Connie Johnson

The Debt Free Graduate is an intense, but fun, four week course to help shatter the myth that you have to accumulate piles of debt in order to get a good college education.  Mike (learn more about Mike and his story here) teaches each lesson and the class members can also learn from each other as they share their experiences.  You get to learn from an expert and other class members who may be going through similar situations.

The 2012 college graduating class graduated with an average of $29, 400 in student loans 

That is NOT the way to start out your professional life: with piles of debt!  There is a different way and that is what the Debt Free Graduate will teach you.

The Lessons:

1.) It’s All About the Money, Money, Money

Learn if it is ok for parents to borrow money for their kid’s college.  You will also learn some of the myths of the FAFSA and we will discuss financial aid.  We will talk all about student loans.

2.) Deciding on a College 101

In this lesson, we will discuss what college will offer you the best return on investment, graduate school, and college rankings.  You will also learn what matters and what doesn’t when choosing a college, why campus tours are stupid, choosing classes, dealing with professors, and much more.

3.) You Want Me To Go Where? & Some More About the Money

The first half of this lesson we will discuss the differences between community colleges, public universities, and private colleges.  We will debunk many community college myths and learn how to get the most out of community colleges while saving thousands of dollars!

The second half of this lesson is all about the student making and saving money while in college.  We’ll take a look at balancing work with financial aid and why working during college will not hurt, but help, your student.

4.) What About Free Money

The final lesson is all about scholarships.  Everything you need to know about where to find the best third party scholarships that fit your student.  You don’t have to be a great student, learn how to give yourself the best chance at winning tens of thousands of dollars in scholarships.

“I learned the best financial decisions for going to college and would recommend this class to parents of freshman through seniors!”—Luke Hinkamper (High School Senior)

“It is very good info and helps to ease nerves about the whole college process”-Deanna Garrett (Parent)

If you have any questions about the class, please contact Mike.

Please go here to register for the next class at Quincy Notre Dame High School beginning on October 6th, 2014.

Also, I encourage you to check out all of the free information on the site by going to the getting started page.

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