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Welcome to the Past Due: Money and Life Bootcamp information page!

The Past Due: Money and Life Bootcamp is an intense, but fun, five week course to help get you on track with your finances.  It includes a lesson taught by Mike (learn more about Mike and his story here) and group discussion each week.  You get to learn from an expert and other class members who may be going through similar situations.

The Lessons:

1.) A Penny Saved is A Penny Earned

Learn about setting goals, three reasons for saving and how to save, setting up an emergency fund, the power of compound interest, and much more!

2.) Money and Relationships

In this lesson, learn about the differences between men and women and how it affects your money discussions, dreaming together as a couple, the five love languages, teaching your children about money, and much more!

3.) Cash Flow Planning

Cash flow planning is another name for doing a budget.  You will learn why most budgets don’t work, how to do one that DOES work, how to do a budget before each month begins, how to get control of your finances, how to use a cash system to reduce stress in your life, and much more!

4.) Breaking the Chains

All about debt!  Learn how debt has become a part of our everyday lives and how to fight against it, what makes up your credit score and how to handle it, how to never have a car payment the rest of your life, what type of mortgage is best for you, how to get rid of credit cards, student loans, and all other consumer debt for the rest of your life, and much more!

5.) Risky Business

I know you probably love talking about insurance, but Mike will make it fun and informative.  You will learn about all of the major types of insurance and what YOU should have: homeowner’s, auto, health, life, long-term care, and disability insurance.

If you have any questions about the class, please contact Mike.

Also, I encourage you to check out all of the free information on the site by going to the getting started page.

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