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Does this sound like you?

  • You’re scared because you have no idea how to start blending your finances together with your spouse
  • You’ve never had to deal with financial products before like health insurance or buying a car because your parents have always taken care of that stuff for you
  • You’re stressed out because student loans and other bills are starting to pile up
  • Maybe for the first time you couldn’t pay off your entire balance of your credit card bill
  • It is extremely difficult finding a full time job or maybe your starting pay wasn’t what you expected
  • You have begun to have arguments with your spouse that never happened before you were married

What if, instead, you were able to:

  • Have confidence in handling your finances (what life insurance to buy, when to buy a house, etc.)
  • Feel secure knowing all of the bills will be paid
  • Be happy and content knowing that your marriage is strong and will last forever, even though there will be times of struggle

That is exactly what this website and Mike Young Financial Coaching is designed to do!

Welcome and enjoy the site!

We never knew how to budget our money until we met Mike, with his help and guidance, we now control where our money goes instead of it controlling us. Budgets really work! Within 6 months of starting the Dave Ramsey plan we are working on baby step 2. It’s amazing to see how fast the debt snowball plan works. We are working down that list of debt snowball and we are seeing so much progress. It already feels like weights lifted off our shoulders. After each payoff it’s like a huge motivation to get the next one paid off. Mike, thank you so much for helping us get on the road to financial freedom!

~Andy and Kelly, IA

Things are going GREAT!!!. It is amazing how when you organize yourself, what can happen. We actually are down to 1 hospital bill, then we are going to pound away at the credit solutions stuff. It’s also amazing how we have our emergency fund, but we never have those “emergencies” anymore. Mike and I both sleep much better at night, not worrying about our finances. Thanks again for meeting with us. You have been a big help.

~Mike and Jessica, IL

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