Your Spouse Does Not Complete You

by mike on February 6, 2012

It really is amazing how much your marriage can change just by looking at it from the proper perspective.  Many people go in search of finding the right person.  It is really sad when someone goes from marriage to marriage always in search of that perfect person that will finally complete them.

Here’s the deal: no one on this earth can ever complete you.  That may sound crazy to you, but it is true.  It reminds me of high school. Lots of my friends spent most of their free time with a boyfriend or girlfriend.  It was like nothing else mattered.  Looking back, I truly believe that most of them thought that their significant other would complete them in some way.

It may seem easy to look back and realize that it is absurd to think a high school boyfriend or girlfriend will complete you.  Many people have the same attitude about marriage.  We go in thinking that all of our happiness and dreams will be fulfilled because we found “the one”.  This can be extremely dangerous because you are setting yourself up for a major letdown.

The urge we feel to seek out the person who can complete us is real.   The only problem is we have a tendency to look in the wrong place.  God is the only one who can truly complete us.  That is why it is important to have God as the center of your life, not your spouse.  That may be different than what you are used to hearing, but I believe it is an important concept to grasp in order to make your marriage stronger.

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