Who Are We Trying To Please?

by mike on November 7, 2011

Every once in awhile, I read something that completely changes the way I look at things. Last week, while reading Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas, I came across something that completely changes the way I look at marriage.

He discusses the idea that we should always be looking at ways to please God in our lives. This includes in our marriage. How often do we instead think about what makes us happy in marriage? Some of us even pray often for things about our spouse to change. “Please, God, let my husband find more motivation to work harder. If we could make more money, then I’d be happy.” “Please, God, help my wife to stop nagging me. If she would just get off my back, then I’d be happy.” There is nothing particularly wrong with these types of prayers. But what if we spent more time praying to God “Please, God, help me to do everything today in order to make YOU happy.” If we focus on pleasing God (and not worry so much about what makes us happy), then we approach things in our marriage differently.

Since reading this, I have found myself praying constantly throughout the day that what I do is pleasing to Him. This has changed my perspective immensely and helped me to be less selfish. I’m still selfish at times, I’m human, but I feel like I am LESS selfish. Instead of wallowing in our own self-misery when things aren’t going great, I challenge you (and myself) to instead think about what we can do in the next five minutes to please God. Then do the same the next five minutes and so on. The ironic thing is that it will ultimately make you happier. And I would be willing to bet your spouse as well!

Photo Source: C Jill Reed

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