What Two Newlyweds Have to Say About Money and Marriage

by mike on January 13, 2011

My wife, Mandy, and I had the pleasure of interviewing a newlywed couple this week for our podcast.  We interviewed Chris and Ashleigh Wisslead who have been married for about seven to eight months.  Many topics about marriage were discussed and I encourage you to check it out.  I wanted to specifically share with you, the reader, our discussion about handling finances.  Hopefully, you can use their story to inspire you to get control of your finances!  Here’s a partial transcript:

Mike: How do you handle your finances?

Chris: We budget everything out.  We went through Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace Class, before we were married, actually.  We went through that and we already had those kind of principles in place, but this just gave us a little more structure with it.  So, I tend to be more on the conservative side as far as my finances go, and so is she.  But, we have everything budgeted out.  She does a great job with putting things down on paper and budgeting it out.  We try to sit down every month and just try to review and come up with a new budget and see where everything goes.  We stick pretty well to it to what we have budgeted out as far as food and entertainment and that sort of stuff.  Every penny is accounted for.

Mike: That’s good.  So, does that mean, Ashleigh, you actually do more of the numbers part of it?

Ashleigh: Yeah, I’m a number cruncher, and I hate math, which is really…

Mike: I was going to say, that kind of surprises me to be honest with you.

Ashleigh: Yeah, it’s really weird.  I really do hate math, but if I don’t know where every single…and I think I this actually came from you(Mike) because I can remember sitting there buying my red car and you going “No!…”

Mike: I did try to warn you about that, I tried to tell you.

Ashleigh: “…that’s a terrible idea.”

Mike: “But I want it” I think was your answer.  “I want it, I want it, I want it” or something like that.

Ashleigh: And Chris hates that car, so it’s kind of funny now.  I look three paychecks ahead and always find what two paychecks are going to cover two weeks because we both get paychecks on different days.  We’re always excited when we come across that one month that accidentally has three paychecks.  And you’re like “Yes!” and you do a victory dance.

Mike: So, you get paid every other week?

Ashleigh: Yeah.

Mike: Yeah, that happens twice a year, magical months.

Ashleigh: It’s awesome!  It is a magical month.  But everything has to, I put everything down on paper.  We also have a lot of financial goals.  We’re on the same page.  We know right now, I mean we knew before, that Dave Ramsey says to do your debt snowball before you do the three to six months worth of savings.  But we knew that during our marriage, during that time, a baby was a possibility.  And so we wanted to make sure we had that savings and so that was one of our financial goals.  We’re always on the same page with our goals and we just make sure that we know what we’re spending and we’re just constantly in communication about money.  Always talking about it.

Mike: So, do you think that’s helped communication in general?

Ashleigh: Oh my gosh!

Chris: Definitely, yeah.  I’ve always just kind of been where I’d have it really close, but not exactly.  She has to have it exactly, which is fine with me because that means we’re always right on.  But, I’m always asking her, just touching base, have we got this paid, is this paid, is this covered, this and that.  And where are we?  You know, do we have any extra this month to throw at our student loans?  And, if we do, how much?  Or, just that we’re all on the same page, we know where everything is getting spent.  There’s no hiding money from anybody.  There’s no sneaking around about getting extra things or stuff that we don’t need.  So, we’ve been really lucky with that.  You know, we’re on the same page as far as finances goes.  So, that’s something that we really haven’t worried about at all, to be honest with you.

Mike: That’s great.  And I don’t think it’s necessarily a coincidence that you haven’t had that six or seven month meltdown (in your marriage), partly because you have all of that stuff in order.

Ashleigh: Absolutely not!

Chris: Right!

That is part of our conversation on money.  I will post the second half next week.  Now is the time to get on the same page financially with your spouse or fiancé!

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