How God Uses Money in Your Marriage

by mike on November 27, 2009

I often say that financial problems are just a symptom of other problems in your life.  If you have a problem with impulse control or organization, it will show up in your finances.  Spiritual flaws can also be evident in our financial situations.  Let’s take a look at how.

1.      Faithfulness. Do you trust God?  You often hear people say that they trust God and maybe you even say it as well.  It’s one thing to say it and another thing to live it.  When you are faced with a financial crisis, or any crisis for that matter, you can almost picture God saying “Do you trust me?”  As a human, your first impulse when facing a crisis is usually to take the easiest way out possible.  That is not always God’s plan for us.  When you face a job layoff or a mountain of debt, how you handle that situation is a sign of your faithfulness of God and His plan for your life.  Using prayer, hard work, and humility cannot be underestimated.  As a married couple, turning to each other and trusting in God together will help your marriage grow stronger.

2.     Sloppiness. When you don’t have humility in your life, it’s easy to get sloppy.  Many people I meet with have very strong incomes.  In fact, when you have a good income, it’s easy to not worry about your bills.  You think: “we make good money, things are good.”  The next thing you know you have $10,000 in credit card debt and your car payment is more than your house payment.  The problem is simply not paying attention and being sloppy.  Often, you are not paying attention to your finances, there is a good chance you are not paying attention to your spiritual life and/or your marriage.  Getting complacent is very dangerous and can cause disaster to your financial future, your spiritual life, and your marriage.  I challenge you to take a hard look at the time and effort you are putting into all of these areas in your life.

3.     Communication.
How well do you communicate?  Once again, the answer to that usually shows up in your finances.  Can you and your spouse discuss finances without arguing?  I bet there are other areas of your life that you have trouble communicating about as well.    When you do a budget together, you agree on your priorities.  You agree on your hopes and dreams and the things that are important to your future.  If you start communicating well in financial matters, you will create a harmony in your marriage.

I hope you can recognize that your relationship with God and your spouse can greatly affect your finances.  When you invest your time and effort into the important things in your life, it is amazing how your finances will follow.  Let’s all take time to put the first things first in our lives.