Stop Being So Boring: Dream!

by mike on April 2, 2011

Have you noticed that as you have gotten older, you have gotten more boring?  I often tell people that if you are bored, you most likely are boring.  Do you sometimes complain, or at least think, that you are bored in your marriage?  Maybe you are bored at your job.  One of the major reasons many of you have become so bored (and boring) is that you stopped dreaming.  You no longer dream about your future.  You definitely don’t dream with your spouse about your future together.  Why is that?

If you stop and think about it, it most likely has to do with money.  You most likely stopped dreaming because you don’t have any money to attain your dreams.  The best way to fix that problem is with a plan.  Plan to get on a budget.  Once you are in control of your finances with a budget, you can squeeze some extra money out each month.  Then, you need to eliminate your debt.  It is hard to have extra money laying around when you are making payments to a long list of creditors.  You might have thought that your “dream” was to have fun and buy whatever you wanted whenever you wanted.  That dream has suddenly turned into a nightmare as, ironically, now you feel like you can’t do anything you want.

Once you have a budget and your debt eliminated, then you can concentrate on some of the more “fun” things.  You should begin putting 15% of your income into retirement savings.  That will allow you to have lots of fun in the distant future.  What if you also started saving 3% of your money toward your dreams?  First, you need to know what those dreams are.  So, go ahead, sit down with your spouse and make a list of 3-5 dreams.  Once you establish your list, start systematically setting aside money each month to fund those dreams.

If any of those dreams are short term (less than five years), then I recommend putting that money in a money market account.  You can earn a little interest, but it is very safe and you can get to it right away.  Less than five years is so little time that it is too risky to invest in the stock market.  If any of those dreams are longer than five years off, then you can look at investing the money in good mutual funds.  Growth stock mutual funds, with a long track record of performing well, are the way to go.  See your financial advisor to help you select a fund or funds.

Stop letting money be your excuse for not dreaming anymore.  It’s especially important for a husband and wife to dream together.  It will really help you build unity and feel like you are pulling for something together.  Make a plan, execute the plan, and you will find yourself living your dreams that you didn’t even know you had.  That is NOT boring!

What are some of your dreams that you just don’t have the money for?

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Photo credit: Tim Riley

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