066 Beyond Your Wedding Day Podcast-Serving Your Spouse

by mike on January 17, 2012

066 Beyond Your Wedding Day Podcast-Serving Your Spouse

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In this episode of the Beyond Your Wedding Day Podcast, we continued our discussion of the book Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas. We discussed Chapter 10 “Make Me a Servant: Marriage Can Build In Us A Servant’s Heart.”

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*Paul makes it very clear in Phillipians 2 that we are called to be nothing, to put other before ourselves just as Jesus ultimately did

*You were not created for your own fulfillment

-actually the exact opposite is true

-Men should sacrifice and serve their wives

*think of how strangers and other family members treat a pregnant woman

*shared the beautiful story of a professional football player who quit for a year to take care of his wife with breast cancer (pg. 183-184)

*men need to ask themselves “what am I doing each day for my wife that costs me something?”

-that’s what true sacrifice is: it has to cost your something

* “When we’re most tired, most worn down, and feeling more sorry for ourselves than we ever have before, we have the opportunity to confront feelings of self-pity by getting up and serving our mate”

-made Mike think of going through the fun of babies not sleeping at night

-The mark of Christian marriage

            *discipline and self-denial are the marks of a Christian marriage

*marriage must mimic the Paschal Mystery: dying to ourselves and rising in service

-We must serve people, even if they are not “worthy”

            *this is what truly makes a Christian, if we are willing to help people who don’t deserve it

*helping only people who deserve it (have had a lot of back luck) is easy

*no matter how your spouse treats you, you have a duty to still serve b/c you are ultimately obeying and serving GOD.

*the perfect example is Jesus washing the feet of Judas just hours before He knew Judas would betray Him

-The spirit of service

            *where your heart is at with service in your marriage is extremely important from a Christian perspective

*if we do it expecting something in return, we have missed the whole point

*if you do something for your spouse and pout or grunt while doing it, you are not exhibiting the attitude Jesus, but rather, that of a victim or a martyr

-Serving your spouse with money and time

            *money and time fights are often about showing who is more important than the other

*we can sacrifice with money by not pointing out that you are more important to the -family’s financial situation

-Serving with sex

            * “the only sexual life a Christian spouse can legitimately enjoy is the romantic life a spouse chooses to provide”

*nothing in marriage provides a bigger opportunity to choose power over service than the sexual relationship

*Christians should have the best sex lives in the world b/c they should naturally be giving which will make sex great!


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