Serve Your Spouse With Money

by mike on January 23, 2012

Reading “Sacred Marriage” by Gary Thomas really got me thinking about how you can serve your spouse with money.  As I have mentioned many times, money fights and money problems are often cited as the number one cause of divorce in the US.  So, in order to avoid becoming that statistic, it makes sense that you must learn how to serve your spouse, even in your financial life.

The best way to serve your spouse with money is to work as a team.  That means it is “our” money, not “his” and “her”.  It also means that you agree on a spending plan before each month begins.  And, most important, do NOT compete with your spouse over who makes the money or who makes more money.  A statement like “I make the money in this house so I can buy a $2,000 stereo system if I want” does not sound like a servant’s attitude to me.

Just remember, the key is your heart.  If you are truly looking for ways to continuously serve your spouse (which you should), then this stuff will happen naturally.  And having peace and harmony in your financial lives is vital for a strong, lasting marriage.

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