Marriage Insurance #4: Lay It All Out There

by mike on September 7, 2012

Resentment.  It is a quiet, hidden poison that can take out your marriage.  It is not something that shows up in a marriage instantly.  Resentment slowly builds over time.  So, how in the world can you avoid it in your marriage?

The easiest way to avoid resentment in your marriage is to lay it all out there.  If your spouse does something to hurt you, it is best to bring it up and talk it out.  Now, this certainly does not mean that you nitpick and nag each other to death.  Respectfully bringing it up, however, is much better than stuffing it.

The biggest problem with resentment is that it causes you to lose respect for yourself.  Once respect is gone, it is nearly impossible to have deep, intimate love.  You’ll start viewing EVERYTHING your spouse does in a negative way.  Even if your spouse tries to do something nice for you, you will only see it as manipulation” What does he/she want from me?”

Bottom line: next time you have that burn in your gut about something your spouse does, try discussing it with them.  Laying it all out there will prevent resentment and disrespect from creeping its way into your marriage.

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