Marriage Insurance #1: Practice NFP

by mike on July 2, 2012

One of the most important goals of marriage is to stay together. I would venture to guess that almost every newly married couple envisions celebrating their fiftieth wedding anniversary someday. There are many things you can do to give yourself the best possible chance. I call these things marriage insurance. They are based on studies, but obviously don’t guarantee a long-lasting marriage. They just give you a much better chance at success (statistically speaking). I am going to discuss each of the “types” of marriage insurance over the next several posts.

Marriage Insurance #1: practice natural family planning.

This is one of the most dramatic examples of marriage insurance.  Mandy and I wish that every couple getting married would be given this information.  Studies have shown that only 3% of marriages practicing Natural Family Planning end in divorce!  That’s right, THREE PERCENT!  Considering the normal divorce rate is close to 50%, this is a dramatic difference.

Unfortunately, very few couples practice Natural Family Planning in their marriages.  I will say that of the few marriages we do know that practice NFP, none of them have gotten divorced.  Of the marriages we know that ended in divorce, none of them practiced NFP.  I realize that is completely anecdotal, but it lines up with the research.

My challenge is for you to learn about Natural Family Planning and start practicing it in your marriage.  I like the idea of 3%, how about you?

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