Just Not Being A Jerk Isn’t Good Enough

by mike on January 9, 2012

This post is specifically directed towards men.  I think many of us men feel that as long as we are not being a jerk to our wives, that is good enough.  I am not sure this is a high enough standard to set.

Most men truly love their wives.  The problem is we aren’t always great about verbalizing that love.  Wives often misinterpret this as disinterest.  She may start thinking that you have lost interest in the marriage and don’t love her anymore.  This can be a slippery slope that can get out of control fast.

As a man, you may say that she is being ridiculous and should just know that you love her.  That may be true in your head, but part of being married is having empathy for your spouse.  That may mean you tell her you love her every once in a a while.  You don’t have to write love poems everyday, just verbalize your love to reassure your wife that you are engaged in your marriage.

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