Great Books For Graduates

by mike on April 28, 2011

It is officially the time of year when graduations are upon us.  What an exciting time of year.  If you have a loved one who will be graduating this year, you know the anticipation it brings.  It could be a graduation from high school, where starting a whole new life on a college campus awaits.  It could be a graduation from college or grad school where a whole new life of working full time awaits.  Either way, it is exciting.  Times of transition do come with their share of hardships and challenges, though.  The best thing you can do as a loved one is to give a gift that will help prepare them for those challenges.  I know of no better gift to give than the gift of knowledge.  Here are four books I highly recommend for your graduate:

1.) The Graduate’s Survival Guide. This is actually a book and DVD set.  It is written by Rachel Cruze, who just so happens to be Dave Ramsey’s daughter.  It just came out so I actually haven’t read it yet.  But I can tell you that I would for sure buy it if I had someone in my family graduating this year.  Learning about finances for a graduate is imperative.  It spells out the Ramsey plan from a young person’s point of view, so it should be very relatable.  The book covers topics such as balancing a checkbook, credit cards, and student loans.

2.) The Millionaire Next Door. This book is a classic and is written by Thomas Stanley and William Danko.  It is the first book I ever read on personal finance and began the journey that brought Mandy and I to where we are today.  We received it as a wedding gift from my junior high basketball coach.  So, it is a great example of how a simple gift of a book can change someone’s life.  The book is a study of millionaires and how they live and handle money.  It is the opposite of what most people think.  It should be a true eye opener to any graduate.

3.) 48 Days to the Work You Love. Whether someone is graduating from high school or they are graduating from college, at some point they have to think about what they are going to do for a career.  Hopefully, they have already put lots of time and thought into it.  Surprisingly, many graduates have still not figured out what they want to do with their lives.  That is why students change their college majors so often.  Most people don’t even work in the field they get their college degree in.  I am a perfect example of both: I changed my major a couple of times and do not officially “use my degree” for my work.  This book helps you through the process of figuring out what you were called to do with your life in a real and practical way.

4.) Ten Stupid Things Men Do To Mess Up Their Lives or Ten Stupid Things Women Do To Mess Up Their Lives. I realize these books are not directly related to finance or careers, but they are extremely critical.  Two of the few things that almost everyone will have to deal with in their lives is money and relationships.  These books deal with the relationship side of things.  They give an insight and a warning of things to stay away from that will cause unhealthy relationships in your life.  The ironic thing is, messed up relationships will often cause a financial mess as well.

I cannot think of a better gift to give a graduate.  Books have completely changed my life.  If it is in your budget, it would be great to give all four books to them as kind of a “success kit”.  If not, pick the one that you think your graduate would benefit from the most.  Tell them that you can’t wait to hear their opirnion of the book and then follow up.  You want to make sure it doesn’t become a dust collector.  Either way, chances are your gift will have a much larger effect on their life than giving a card with some cash in it!

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