Financial Advice Even A Pre-schooler Can Understand

by mike on November 19, 2011

My daughter, Aly, has a book called “Give, Save, Spend”.  The whole point of the book is to teach pre-school aged children that there are basically three things you can do with money.  It struck me the other day that we often want to make money management complicated.  I am convinced that you could read this book, put the principles into action, and have an amazingly successful financial life.

Give.  I truly believe that we should follow the Bible’s advice and give a tenth of our income to church.  It helps create in us a giving spirit and good things happen to those who are giving.

Save.  We must make a concerted effort to save money.  I have many guidelines on the best way to save and invest, but I am trying to keep this at a preschool level.  The point is to put money in savings and, again, good things will happen.

Spend.  Notice this is third on the list.  As the children’s book says: once you give a little and save a little, then you can spend some money.  Getting these priorities mixed up is when you get yourself in trouble financially.

I apologize if this is too simplistic for some of you.  I have thousands of words on this site that will help you with more of the intricacies of personal finance.  Sometimes we need to remember to just keep it simple.  Give some, save some, then spend and you will be well on your way.

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