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The Beyond Your Wedding Day Catholic Marriage Prep Retreat


Are you looking for an exciting, faith-filled retreat to help form engaged couples?


Are you interested in providing a strong foundation for a Catholic marriage for the engaged couples of your parish or diocese?


Do you want your engaged couples to discuss all of the important topics regarding marriage, while also hearing real 
life stories from an energetic Catholic couple?


Do you want all of this, but are not sure how to provide all of this?5615089706_4612e5eb89




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The Beyond Your Wedding  Day Marriage Prep Retreat  is THE high energy, information-packed experience your engaged couples need to start their marriage with a strong foundation!

In this two day, non-stop event, engaged couples will transform their focus from just their wedding day to every day of their marriage.  They will learn how to truly understand and know each other, set realistic expectations for marriage, learn what the Bible has to say about roles, get on the same page financially (to avoid the money fights that are the #1 cause of divorce in the US!), work through the thorny subject of intimacy, receive all the facts about Natural Family Planning, and much, much more!

Why are we so confident in this information?  Because we have taught it through our podcast, one on one with engaged couples, and through these retreats.  More importantly, we have lived it in our eleven years of marriage.

Check out this video that includes feedback from participants and a Deacon:



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Our Story

Mike and MandyBefore you make a decision about hiring us to lead a marriage prep retreat, you most likely want to know a little more about us.  We have been married since 2002, when we were married at the tender age of 22.  We were married in the Catholic Church and had to attend marriage prep classes.  We went to two classes over two different Sunday afternoons.  Couples from the Parish came in and shared their experience about certain topics with us. The marriage prep was nice, but that was the problem.  It was just nice.  It wasn’t challenging, it was barely informative, and it was definitely forgettable.

As we stumbled through our first years of marriage, we often found ourselves saying “I wish we would have learned this stuff in our marriage prep” or “I wish we would have talked about this before we got married.”  One of the biggest areas we felt highly inadequate in was finances.  Fortunately, for us, we accidentally came upon some excellent information about how to handle our money just a few months into our marriage.  Go here if you are interested in  our journey of becoming debt free.

Another area of our marriage that has been completely transformed is our recently found knowledge about Natural Family Planning.  It is really sad to us that it wasn’t even mentioned during our prep.  It seems that when it is discussed, it is rarely by a couple who is passionate about it and who can share their story of conversion from contraception to NFP.  We get really fired up about NFP and love sharing our story and our knowledge to those about to be married (and to our Catholic family and friends who have been married for years for that matter).

Over the past several years, Mandy and I have been on a mission to learn everything we can about marriage.  What makes a strong marriage?  What gives couples the best chance at success?  We are both very involved with youth ministry and have seen the effects divorce is having on our kids.  We are on a mission to reduce the divorce rate, especially among Catholic couples.  In some ways, it’s surprisingly not that hard.  We just need to get the information in front of couples before they get married to give them the best chance of success!

Bottom line: If you share in this belief that marriage preparation is vital to the Sacrament of Marriage, but aren’t sure where to turn to, the Beyond Your Wedding Day Marriage Prep Retreat is exactly what you are looking for!

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We promise couples that attend the Beyond Your Wedding Day Marriage Prep Retreat will:

  • Learn how to blend their personality styles together in order to achieve a harmonious marriage
  • Discuss how important their walk with God is to marriage
  • Discuss how important marriage is to their walk with God
  • Reduce the surprises in marriage that come from not discussing things ahead of time
  • Learn how to look beyond infatuation and learn that true,deep love is what marriage is all about
  • Receive assistance in formulating a plan on how to handle roles in their marriage
  • Get on the same page financially
  • Create a budget they can both be excited about
  • Hear the Church’s teachings about sexuality and the role it plays during (and before!) marriage
  • Be introduced to and encouraged in the practice of Natural Family Planning
  • Learn the best way to communicate with each other using their specific communication style
  • Understand that conflict is not a bad thing in marriage, but there is a right way to handle it!
  • Experience the Sacraments of the Eucharist and Reconciliation in order to provide a strong foundation for their marriage
  • Learn the best way to handle in-laws
  • Understand that children are a blessing and shouldn’t come between the spouses in a negative way
  • Learn that every marriage has ups and downs, but true joy comes with sticking with it together!

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Secure a date and deliver an amazing Catholic marriage prep to your engaged couples!

You have 4 options for your convenience:

The Beyond Your Wedding Day Marriage Prep Retreat Original

  • 2 full days: Saturday 9am-9pm  and 8am-4pm Sunday
  • We will cover all of the topics listed above in the “We promise…” section
  • Each participant will receive a workbook to keep from the retreat
  • The cost: $4,000 + travel and accommadations*

*Most parishes charge their couples a fee to attend to cover most of the cost

The Beyond Your Wedding Day Marriage Prep Retreat Plus

  • All of the benefits of the Original
  • An added session on Friday evening from 7pm-10pm*
  • The cost: $4,500 + travel and accommodations

*The bonus session is generally the parish’s choice of an extended session on Natural Family Planning or on Finances

The Beyond Your Wedding Day Marriage Prep Retreat One Day

  • Saturday from 9am-9pm
  • We will cover Finances, Natural Family Planning, and your choice of 4 more topics
  • The cost: $2,900 + travel and accommodations

The Beyond Your Wedding Day Keynote

  • One three hour session on your 1 or 2 topics of choice
  • The cost: $1,000 + travel and accommodations

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