Beyond Paycheck To Paycheck

beyondpaycheck coverWelcome to the Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck information page!

Learn how to enjoy, save, and invest more of your money while becoming stress free!

 The Beyond Paycheck To Paycheck class is an intense, but fun, five week course to help you get beyond the 70% of people who live paycheck to paycheck.  Mike (learn more about Mike and his story here) teaches each lesson and the class members can also learn from each other as they share their experiences.  You get to learn from an expert and other class members who may be going through similar situations.

70% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck according to the Wall Street Journal

That is NOT the way to live out your financial life: no savings, piles of debt, and tons of stress!  There is a different way and that is what the Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck class will teach you.

The Lessons:

1.) Budgeting That Works

Learn how to use a budgeting system that actually works.  You will learn the system that Mike and his wife Mandy have used for over a decade now.

2.) Saving With A Purpose

In this lesson, we will discuss how and why to save.  Rather than saving for savings sake, just to see it disappear, you will learn how to begin building savings with a purpose.

3.) Gain Your Life Back, Become Debt Free!

We will discuss one of the biggest factors in building wealth: becoming debt free.  Learn how to systematically gain your life back by saying goodbye to the chains of debt.

4.) Spend Your Money Wisely

This lesson is all about getting the most out of your hard-earned dollars.  Specifically, learn the what insurances you should spend your money on and what you should not.

5.) The Real Reason To Do Well With Money

The final lesson is all about giving.  Learn how and why it is so important.

If you have any questions about the class, please contact Mike.

Also, I encourage you to check out all of the free information on the site by going to the getting started page.

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