070 Beyond Your Wedding Day Podcast-Become a Couple Saint

by mike on February 14, 2012

070 Beyond Your Wedding Day Podcast-Become a Couple Saint

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In this episode of the Beyond Your Wedding Day Podcast, we finished our discussion of Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas. We discussed Chapter 13 “Sacred Mission: Marriage Can Develop Our Spiritual Calling”.

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-It can sometimes be conflicting to both be fully committed to our spouse and fully committed to God

                  *It is not a good witness to Christ if everyone around you (spouse, children, etc.) hates your faith life b/c of the time it takes away from them

*Marriage should not take you FROM your mission, but instead should BECOME your mission

-It’s amazing how the love and admiration you have for your spouse can be deepened by witnessing their drive and passion for a common vision

                  *for example, Mandy’s determination to offer things at our church instead of just complaining about other churches “stealing” people from us

*her morning fitness class last summer is a perfect example

-Make sure that you don’t get so focused on your ambition that it kills all the relationships around you

                  *this ambition could be your career

*it could be a particular way a stay-at-home mom wants her house run

*it could be a ministry at church

-“When marriage becomes our primary pursuit, our delight in the relationship will be crippled by fear, possessiveness, and self-centeredness.”

-View marriage as an opportunity to excel at love

-What if all Christian couples strove to be holy couple: a “couple-saint”.


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