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What is it I do exactly?

Thanks for asking: I help engaged and newly married couples build a strong foundation for their marriage through their finances.

Why would I do that?

Again, great question!  I believe the best thing for a society as a whole, and especially children, is to have the strongest marriages possible.  That’s why, plain and simple!

Here’s the story:

There I was, twenty two years old, finishing up college, and just married…

My wife, Mandy, and I had several thousand dollars of car debt, student loan debt and had just bought a washer and dryer through financing (what a great deal, only seventy dollars per month for a washer and dryer).  We were pretty comfortable with our financial situation.  All we had to do was look around at everyone else we knew and realize that we were pretty “normal”.

The problem with normal was that as a basketball coach,  I was constantly teaching my players not to accept being average.  Two things happened to me that made me realize I was accepting average in my wife and I’s financial life.  My seventh and eighth grade basketball coach had given us a book for our wedding entitled The Millionaire Next Door by Thomas J Stanley and William D Danko.  I was fascinated by this book explaining how most millionaires in this country live very modest lives.  You wouldn’t know they were millionaires just by looking at them.  They lived below, or at least within, their means.  Ironically, that is what made them millionaires.  I loved this idea.

Another idea I loved was what I was hearing on the radio everyday.

The Dave Ramsey show was on WTAD AM 930 here in Quincy.  I would hear it every morning while driving in my car.  This Dave guy just made so much sense, especially in conjunction with The Millionaire Next Door book I was reading.  I started telling my wife about it and she completely agreed.  We soon had all the Dave Ramsey books.  We weren’t being average anymore, we were fired up about our financial situation.

Since we were fired up, our financial situation started improving dramatically.  We got a $1,000 baby emergency fund put away quickly.  Then, we paid off that stupid washer and dryer.  Next, was the car.  Next, was the biggest of all: the student loan.  After several months of a $15 a week grocery budget (we ate lots of Ramen noodles), the student loan was out of our lives.  The best part about it ,everyone thought we were weird (still do, in fact).  They just cannot imagine why we would not have cable, how could we possibly survive?

Well, we still don’t have cable (didn’t miss it once it was gone), but we do have financial peace.  We tithe to our church and have received so many blessings because of that.  With a 5 year old, a 2 year old and an almost 1 year old, my wife does not work full-time anymore.  It was a bit of a shock to our budget when she stopped working, but because of our previous financial choices and the experience of knowing how to sacrifice, my daughters always have their mommy there when they needs her.  We truly have my basketball coach (because of the book he gave us) and the Dave Ramsey show to thank for that.

That is the very reason I wanted to become a Financial Coach.

I desperately want to give other families the same peace and financial security we have.  At thirty one years old, my wife and I have realized we are in an amazing position financially compared to everyone else we know at our age.  We can sleep peacefully at night, and if a financial need in our church or community comes up, we can gladly provide help with just a little tweak of the budget.  I feel God provided me great opportunities and people in my life.  Since he also gave me the heart of a teacher, I feel it is my responsibility to use my gifts to counsel others.  That is why I felt called to become a Financial Coach.  I really just want to help others achieve financial peace of mind.  Contact me today to see how I can help you.

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