A Story of True Forgiveness

by mike on February 20, 2012

Can you imagine your spouse of 17 years asking you to move out of the house?  What if you came back to the house a couple of weeks later and there was another woman/man living in YOUR house already?  The hurt, the anger, the desperation: it could become unbearable.

Mandy and I recently interviewed John and Diane for our podcast.  The above scenario is almost exactly what happened in their lives less than 2 years ago.  Alcohol abuse, lies, unfaithfulness, divorce all tore this relationship apart.  As one spouse continued along a self-destructive path, another waited and prayed.  It certainly wasn’t easy.

I don’t want to tell their whole story.  They do that themselves on the show, which will be released in a few days.  It is truly amazing, something you just don’t hear about very often in our culture today.  A couple gets divorced, and then remarries later.  Just like most divorces, it was nasty.  I can’t imagine the hurt and anger Diane felt as her husband kicked her out of her own house and moved another woman in.  Yet, she was able to forgive him and they reconciled.

How was she able to do this?  As she explains in the interview, through her faith in God and by surrounding herself with godly women.  That previous sentence makes it sound so easy, but it most certainly was not.  She struggled, she doubted, she even moved on.  But she never gave up hope that God had a plan.  Now, they are both sharing their story to help other struggling couples.  More specifically, John is telling his story put help other men who struggle with alcohol to get their lives straight.

I highly encourage you to check back in a few days and listen to the show.  If you don’t listen to any other Beyond Your Wedding Day Podcasts, please take the time to listen to this one.  It truly is a remarkable story.

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