A Review of Power Of Two Marriage Website

by mike on June 23, 2011

Through a Twitter connection, I recently came across a website called Power of Two Marriage.  They claim to be “the best alternative to marriage counseling-online.”  I decided to check it out and here is my review of it.

How it works:

It’s a membership site that costs $18 per month.  When you sign up, you get your own personal “dashboard” page.  On the page is a welcome/let’s get started series of activities.  Basically, the site has a mix of videos you watch, videos that are interactive, podcasts to listen to, and pdf files to read through.  Some of the interactions are quick quizzes to take and the pdf’s generally have a suggestion for an action to take to help improve your marriage.

Based on some questions you answer, they have a “your coach recommends” section where a marraige coach from the staff recommends certain activities for you to do.  You have the option to do the activities your coach recommends, “talk with a coach”, or go to the “library” section and peruse their vast array of activities for you depending on the marriage topic you’re interested in.  You can do any activities at any time and before you click on them to start it has an estimated time it will take to complete.

My thoughts on it:

My first, quick reaction is that it is great.  I think that for any couple who wants to improve their marriage and make it stronger, it is fantastic.  In fact, unless you are in deep, deep trouble in your marriage, it is a wonderful way to get the improvement at a fraction of the cost of counseling.  Plus, you don’t have to sit there uncomfortably with a stranger asking you questions.  The best part yet might be that you can do it whenever you want.  You can wait for the kids to go to bed or maybe even in the morning before the kids wake up.  Either way, you don’t have to be tied down to an appointment.

The information is very informative and very engaging.  It’s not just a bunch of words on a webpage.  The videos are very entertaining complete with animated characters and great graphics.  The designer of the site has done a top-notch job.

Naturally, I went to the library section and checked out the money section.  One of the activities was a quiz and it was about what they called your “habitudes” with money (habits and attitudes).  I’ve got to say it hit the nail right on the head with the assessment about how I handle and view our money.  That really got my attention, confirming that the assessments might actually be right on!

The only question I have is about the “talk with a coach” section.  I honestly took it to mean that if you sent a message, that it basically turned into a live chat.  I put a message up four hours ago as I write this and still haven’t gotten a response.  This disappointed me a bit, but it could have to do with me having the wrong expectation.  My advice would be to be more clear about how that section works to help avoid any disappointment.  Again, it could have totally just been me!

To sum it up…

I recommend giving it a try if you are looking for something high quality to improve your marriage, but don’t want to go to a marriage counselor.  You get a free trial and, again, it’s only $18 per month anyway, so if you absolutely just hate it, you are not out much money. I would definitely recommend, however, seeing a counselor if you are in the middle of an extremely grave situation in your marriage. Go ahead, give it a try, and let me know what you think!

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