104 Beyond Your Wedding Day Podcast-Have Fun, Invest, and Give Money Away

by mike on January 1, 2013

104 Beyond Your Wedding Day Podcast-Have Fun, Invest, and Give Money Away

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In this episode of the Beyond Your Wedding Day Podcast, we discuss the Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey.  We take a look at Chapter 12: “Build Wealth Like Crazy.”

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*The seventh baby step is to build wealth

-If you haven’t figured out why you want to build wealth, now is the time

-Wealth does not solve all of your problems, in fact it comes with huge responsibility!

*The three main things to do with money is to have fun, invest, and give!

*It is ok to have fun with money when you can afford to

-You’ve been telling yourself for years that if you just sacrifice, it will be so much fun at the end.  Well, you’re at the end, so have fun!

-This can be hard to get used to when you have been sacrificing for so long

-Buy a new car, take your entire extended family on a 7 day cruise, buy a Harley.

-If you can do any of these things and your money position is barely affected, then go for it!

*Keep winning by investing

-Keep your investing simple, especially until you have over $10 million

-Stick with the growth stock mutual funds and PAID FOR real estate

-Surround yourself with great counsel: people that are smarter than you and can explain things to you easily.

-You ultimately make the decisions, do not do a deal just because one of your advisers says so!

-Your team should include an estate-planning attorney, a CPA or tax expert, an insurance pro, an investment pro, and a good realtor at least

-Make sure the people on your team have the heart of a teacher

-Eventually, you will reach the glorious Pinnacle Point where your money is working harder than you do

*Giving is the most fun of all!

-Margaret Thatcher: “No one would have remembered the good Samaritan if he hadn’t had money”

-“Money gives power to good intentions”

-This is what gives Mandy and I the most motivation to do well with our money!

*If you follow the Total Money Makeover plan, you will become wealthy someday.

-The key is to not start worshiping money

-You have to be especially careful with your children.  They can actually be at a severe disadvantage in life growing up affluent: especially character-wise

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