099 Beyond Your Wedding Day Podcast-Get Rid Of Your Debt Fast

by mike on November 22, 2012

099 Beyond Your Wedding Day Podcast-Get Rid Of Your Debt Fast

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In this episode of the Beyond Your Wedding Day Podcast, we discuss the Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey.  We take a look at Chapter 7: “The Debt Snowball: Lose Weight Fast, Really.”

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*You have to identify debt as the enemy

-Your income is your biggest wealth-building tool

-If most of your income is going out the door to payments, then you are unable to utilize it the most effectively

-Take a minute to add up all of your debt payments you have going out (mortgage, vehicles, student loan, CCs, other various debts (furniture, stereo, etc.)).  Send me the amount and I will tell you what that amount invested each month would look like in 15 years.  It will blow your mind!

-It takes extreme amounts of effort to get out of debt.  Most of you, honestly, won’t do it.  It’s too hard.

*The most effective way to pay of your debt is by using the debt snowball

-Remember, this is about behavior modification, not just math

-First, you need to make a list of your debts from smallest balance to largest balance (not including your mortgage).  I don’t care about the interest rates!

-It’s all about getting quick wins to keep you motivated and fired up

-Once you have this list, pay the minimum payments on every single one except the smallest one

-Any extra money you can squeeze goes towards  paying that first, smallest debt off

-Then, once it’s paid, the payment you were making plus the “extra” money goes on the next one.  That is how the snowball effect works.

-In order for this to work, you have to be over-the-top, radical intense

-Remember, you have to make a commitment to take on no more debt!  You will be tested early, you have to prove that you are committed to no more debt!

*You must do something to get the snowball rolling

-You may have to sell something: in fact, chances are you will have to sell the vehicle with the most debt on it

-Work overtime, get an extra job, anything to find the extra money to start paying down your debt!

*What about saving for retirement while paying off debt?

-Even though it may be really difficult to comprehend, you should stop contributing to retirement even if you get a match

-Think about how much you will be able to contribute to the plan once you have no payments going out

-The only exception is if you have a very deep hole with an extremely small shovel

*If you have to use the emergency fund, then stop the debt snowball temporarily to get the emergency fund back to $1,000, then return to it.

*If you have other large debts (such as a 2nd mortgage, business debt, or rental property debt), do not include them in the debt snowball if they are over 50% of your annual income.

*If you do whatever it takes and are fired up, baby step 2 should take an average of 18 to 20 months.


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