084 Beyond Your Wedding Day Podcast-10th Anniversary Edition

by mike on June 12, 2012

084 Beyond Your Wedding Day Podcast-10th Anniversary Edition

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In this episode of the Beyond Your Wedding Day Podcast, we discuss the second chapter of the book “The Good News About Sex and Marriage” by Christopher West, “Who Says”.

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-We discussed what we did for our 10th Wedding Anniversary

-We also discussed the funniest and toughest part of our ten year marriage

-The fact of the matter is that no one likes being told what to do

            *the ironic thing, however, is that you are truly free when you surrender your will to do what is good

*you surrender out of love for doing good, not out of fear or force

-Isn’t it rather arrogant for the Church to think that it speaks for God?

*it depends: we each have a choice on how to respond to that authority

*Either you accept that the Church really does speak the Truth and are thankful and excited for the idea of an authority to speak for God on earth

*Or you think that is completely arrogant and reject the Church as an authority

*The biggest problem today is that many people try to play the middle somehow which isn’t really possible

-What if, as a Catholic, I don’t believe everything the Church teaches, do I have to believe?

            *it is completely normal and encouraged to question.  If you truly seek the truth, the Church is confident you will end up finding the same thing the Church has

*If, you seek to truly understand the truth and still cannot agree with the Church, then it would be hypocritical to stay Catholic

-Shouldn’t the Church stop judging people and imposing their teachings on people?

            *the Church does not impose her teachings.  She simply proposes her teaching the world and each person is FREE to accept or reject them

*it is also important to distinguish between making moral judgements on people’s BEHAVIORS and on a person themselves

-What do old, celibate men know about sex?  Isn’t it ironic that they tell us what to do in regards to sex?

            *remember, first of all, they don’t dictate anything

*second, they are speaking God’s sexual morality, not their own

*third, they offer a very unique perspective not being caught up in their own sexual experiences

The Church is “so obsessed” with sex because it is the fundamental cell of society.  As sexual attitudes and behaviors go, so goes marriage.  As marriage goes, so goes the family.  As the family goes, so goes society.

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