083 Beyond Your Wedding Day Podcast-Good News About Sex and Marriage

by mike on May 30, 2012

083 Beyond Your Wedding Day Podcast-Good News About Sex and Marriage

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In this episode of the Beyond Your Wedding Day Podcast, we discuss the first chapter of the book “The Good News About Sex and Marriage” by Christopher West.

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-“While popular opinion holds that a Christian perspective on sex is downright negative, what we actually discover by reflecting on the Scriptures is that sex in God’s plan is more awesome than any human being could possibly dream”
-Pope John Paul II said that you can’t truly understand Christianity without truly understanding your sexuality
-The Bible is a story about marriage from beginning to end
*it begins with the marriage of Adam and Eve and ends with the “wedding of the Lamb”: Christ to the Church
*Basically, everything God wants to tell us (about Him, His plan, ourselves) he wants to tell us through marriage and sexuality

-Marriage as seen in the image of the Trinity
*The love between the Father and the Son was so powerful and profound that it is a third Person-the Holy Spirit
*When husband and wife share their love with each other physically, it is so powerful and profound that, if it’s God plan, may create a person
*Husband and wife stand at the altar at their wedding and vow to each other, with words, fidelity, indissolubility, and openness to children.
*On their wedding night (and throughout their marriage), they then vow to each other with their bodies what they vowed earlier with their words and hearts.

-Marriage as seen in the Sacrament of Christ and the Church
*Christ, of course, is the ultimate revelation of God’s love for us
*Marriage, however, is what helps us to understand Christ’s love more than anything else on earth!
*As Catholics, we believe that we consume Christ into our body and that we conceive new life inside of us-the life of God Himself.

-Adam and Eve
*in the second Creation story, God keeps bringing animals to Adam to name, but Adam knows that he can’t truly love them. He can’t fully give himself to any of these animals as God has given Himself to us
*then, he creates woman from Adam’s own body. Adam sees her and knows she is the one he can love. Remember, they were naked, so he could see how they were literally made to fit together! He understood that they were made to have a special giving of themselves to each other: the special communion we call marriage.
*the problem is that the shame of sex creeps into the picture after the Fall. They noticed they were naked and covered up because they could feel the lustfulness from the other.
*Since then, instead of recognizing and appreciating the differences of man and woman, we have tried to use those differences against each other
-man dominating over women throughout history
-women using their womanly wiles to manipulate
-“men use love to get sex, women use sex to get love”

-So, are we just out of luck? Can we ever really love our spouse like we were originally intended?
*Yes! That is what Jesus Christ came to do: to restore the original love
*He offered his body to us on the cross, we just have to accept. Once we accept, it slowly transforms us so that we can truly love like we were meant to.

-It’s ultimately about faith!
*Satan convinced us at the beginning that God didn’t fully love us, that he was holding something back. God shattered that myth once and for all when he sent His Son to die for us: that was holding nothing back!
*So, if we truly believe that, then we must respond to the challenge that the truth teaches us about how to live in sex and marriage
*God’s original plan set the stage for the norm of sex and marriage

-“When questioned about divorce, Christ pointed his followers back to God’s original plan: ‘For your hardness of heart (i.e sin), Moses allowed you to divorce your wives, but from the beginning (before sin) it was not so’ (Mt 19:8). Because Christ takes away our sin, he is able to restore God’s original plan of love as the norm for marriage and all sexual expression”


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