078 Beyond Your Wedding Day Podcast-Submission and Praise

by mike on April 18, 2012

078 Beyond Your Wedding Day Podcast-Submission and Praise

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In this episode of the Beyond Your Wedding Day Podcast, we continue our discussion of the book Rocking The Roles by Robert Lewis and William Hendricks.  We discussed Part VI: Responses That Energize The Roles

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Chapter 1 7 The “S” Word

Let’s try to properly understand what submission truly means:

-Biblical Submission is a Christlike Response to Recognized Leadership

*Submission is not used in a negative way in the Bible

*In fact, it is almost always used in a way that references back to Christ

*As a Christian, we are all called to submit to authority: therefore the wife is called to submit to the authority of her husband

*This does NOT mean a wife go along with wrong behavior just in the name of being “submissive”

-Submission is not the woman’s ROLE in marriage

            *Earlier in the book, submission was never mentioned in the discussion of a wife’s role

*Remember, her core role is as helper and lover

*Instead, submission is more of a response to the husband’s role as servant-leader

-The wife’s response of submission helps her husband fulfill his God-given role

            *Unfortunately, many men never enter into a role of servant-leader.

*They are constantly fighting the battle against their buddies and themselves to step up and be a true servant-leader

*Also, if a woman is in competition with her husband as leader and constantly criticizes him, he will naturally withdraw and shirk his responsibility

*He will find somewhere else other than home where he can lead and will at least spiritually and emotionally withdraw from his family

-The best way for a wife to “lead” is by nudging her husband toward leadership

*For example, a wife waiting for her husband to open the door for her

Chapter 18 The Masculine Counterpart to the “S” Word

The masculine counterpart to the “S” word is the “P” word: Praise

Many women feel underappreciated and it, quite frankly, is the husband’s fault in most cases

            *make sure your wife knows that she is the critical difference in the family

*she needs to constantly hear how important she is and how the people she supports appreciate her

Men should show this appreciation EVERY day

            *he must treat her like an equal

*see the questions on pg 149 for husbands about how they treat their wives

*husbands: spend every day making sure that being a wife and mother are viewed as important and respectable


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