077 Beyond Your Wedding Day Podcast-What Every Wife Needs To Know

by mike on April 11, 2012

077 Beyond Your Wedding Day Podcast-What Every Wife Needs To Know

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In this episode of the Beyond Your Wedding Day Podcast, we continue our discussion of the book Rocking The Roles by Robert Lewis and William Hendricks.  We discussed Part V: The Wife’s Core Concerns.

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Chapter 13 Getting Into A Man’s Head

-Men and women’s brains work differently

                  *Men tend to focus on one thing and shut everything else out

*Women, on the other hand, can have a million things going on at once and pay attention to all of them

-This can be a great asset at dinnertime when dealing with children,  but a negative in the bedroom

*Men also tend to concentrate on the bottom line results of a situation and aren’t worried about the feelings and details going on

*Once a man is focused it can take awhile to switch focus to something else.  A perfect example is when he comes home from work, it may take him a little while to “leave work” and “come home”

Chapter 14 What Every Wife Needs To Know About Her Husband


*Men often have a need to push themselves b/c their purpose in life isn’t as obvious as women’s

*The three factors of faith, work, and marriage are the keys of a man finding who he is


                  *this shows up in the need for most men to constantly be doing something

*a day off is not considered successful if all he does is relax


*men have the need to win at everything

*I definitely do this on trips: let’s go, go, go and get there as fast as we can!

So, to summarize, the three words that best describe what a man truly is: “identity, which relates to our deepest need; insecurity, which relates to a problem we’ll spend our entire lives trying to solve; and performance, which relates to our fundamental mindset.”

Chapter 15 What Every Husband Needs To Succeed


                  *Even more than love, a husband desires his wife’s respect

* “I am proud of you” means even more to him than “I love you”


*A husband needs to know that his wife is his biggest cheerleader

*A wife must support him in his work

*A husband desperately needs his wife’s support in public.  One of the worst things you can do to a man is embarrass or shame him publicly.

*He also needs her support throughout the different stages of life (20s, 30s, etc.)

Chapter 16 What Else A Husband Needs to Succeed


                  *A husband desires to have fun and be friends with his wife

*A husband wants his wife to come with him and participate in his interests

-sports, fishing, etc.

*A man will often feel the need to dream out loud to his wife.  A wise woman is patient with her husband even if he sounds nuts

-he is often just seeking affirmation, so give him some affirmation!

Physical Responsiveness

*Wives: make sure your husbands know that he satisfies you in the bedroom.  Deep down, that is ultimately what he wants to know


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