076 Beyond Your Wedding Day Podcast-Help Me Woman!

by mike on April 3, 2012

076 Beyond Your Wedding Day Podcast-Help Me Woman!

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In this episode of the Beyond Your Wedding Day Podcast, we continue our discussion of the book Rocking The Roles by Robert Lewis and William Hendricks.  We discussed Part IV: The Wife’s Core Role.

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 Chapter 11 What’s a Woman To Choose?

-Women have been told when they can do it all

                  *many are finding out that is impossible

*so, what is a wife to choose.  With all of the options of life, what should she focus on?

-“When strapped for time, busy women push friends, housework, husbands, and sex to life’s back burner”

-Titus 2 is the core role of a woman.  It defines the term HELPER


Chapter 12 Husband-lover and Child-lover

-The true meaning of husband lover is to be a helper to your husband

                  *the word “helper” is not a negative, it’s not a weakness

*throughout Scripture God is referred to as a helper: not too bad of company

*In the Old Testament, a helper seemed to be someone strong who was there for someone weaker or in need

*A wife is invaluable to her husband and he desperately needs her help to be successful in life

*Unfortunately, that is not what is happening today!

*It’s not just about whether you should work outside the home or not, it’s (according to Scripture) if you are focused on your husband

*Today’s couples are stretched thin, both trying to fight a battle on two fronts: career and home

-Being a child-lover means being present

*it is extremely important that during the first two years of life especially that Mom is at home

*there is a massive difference between a mother who HAS to work outside the home and a mother who CHOOSES to work outside the home instead of mothering

*career opportunities will always be there, your child only learns how to walk once

-“Your core role as a wife, then, is to be a husband-lover and a child-lover.  They need your touch and your support to stabilize and energize their lives.  So, please for their sakes, be there!”


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