069 Beyond Your Wedding Day Podcast-God’s Presence In Your Marriage

by mike on February 7, 2012

069 Beyond Your Wedding Day Podcast-God’s Presence In Your Marriage

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In this episode of the Beyond Your Wedding Day Podcast, we continued our discussion of Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas. We discussed Chapter 12 “Sacred Presence: How Marriage Can Make Us More Aware of God’s Presence”.

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-We, as Christians, are called to constantly seek God’s presence. 

*we can do this best by speaking to him throughout the day

*this can be very difficult to do in the day to day hustle of family life

-Even if you didn’t enter marriage for the reason of drawing closer to God, you can still choose to maintain your marriage for that exact reason

*it can be hard to find ways to make Jesus the center of your marriage

-The words we use with our spouse our important

            *think about this: each time you speak can either push you away from God or draw you closer to Him: think about that next time you speak to your spouse (or anyone for that matter)

*giving the “silent treatment” is also a form of not using our words to draw us closer to God

*we must learn to be better listeners: both of our spouse and of God

-“Christianity does not direct us to focus on FINDING the right person, it calls us to BECOME the right person”

            *it’s easy for us to get caught up in our spouse completing us: it won’t and can’t happen.  Only God can complete us

*the sad part is that many in our culture believe that there is “the one” out there that will complete them and go from marriage to marriage

*how good your marriage is, is often a thermometer of how your relationship with God is (i.e. if your relationship with God is good, chances are your marriage is good and vice versa)

*husband and wife should be striving together to make each other more holy

-you must be careful though not to just sit around and judge your spouse

-We must be purposeful and intentional in our marriages. 

            *if you truly work hard to have the best marriage possible, it is amazing how you will naturally enter into God’s presence

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