068 Beyond Your Wedding Day Podcast-Sex and New Words

by mike on January 31, 2012

068 Beyond Your Wedding Day Podcast-Sex and New Words

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In this episode of the Beyond Your Wedding Day Podcast, we continued our discussion of Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas. We discussed Chapter 11 “Sexual Saints: Marital Sexuality Can Provide Spiritual Insights and Character Development”.

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-Christian spirituality serves in 3 ways in regards to sex:

            * “it teaches us the goodness of sex while reminding us that there are things that are more important than sex”

* “It allows us to experience pleasure without making pleasure the idol of our existence”

* “It teaches us that sex can certainly season our lives but also reminds us that sex will never fully nourish our souls”

*only within marriage does sex become spiritually meaningful and helpful

*God created our bodies, and it certainly feels good when we have sex with our spouse

*in fact, the only function of the clitoris is for pleasure.  Keep in mind, God created the human body so he obviously wanted it to be an enjoyable experience.

*we often view sex as some sort of bad or evil thing because of past experiences: situations where sexuality was abused

*interestingly, obsession about sex and feeling obsessively guilty about sex are both self-focused instead of God-focused

-it is sort of an insult to God to be unwilling to enjoy sex when he made it to be that way

-View your spouse as more than just a lover

            *keep in mind that another important relationship you share is brother/sister in Christ

*we must not reduce sex to JUST a physical experience, it is so much more!

*sex is a combination of both a physical and a spiritual experience, it should not be reduced to just one or the other

-God’s view of marital beauty

*men are called to delight in the beauty of their wife, not women in general

*we need to train ourselves to change our paradigm of beauty to be whatever our spouse is, not what society as a whole says beauty is

*if you focus on your spouse’s inner beauty versus just their outer beauty

-We can learn an important spiritual truth as our bodies age and we continually go to our spouse with our imperfect bodies: give what you have.

-The sex drive can cause us to act outside of ourselves by being a better spouse in order to not ruin the intimacy

-Don’t fall into the trap that having fun is not Christian.  Unfortunately, this can show up in the bedroom for some.

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