063 Beyond Your Wedding Day Podcast-Chaos at Christmas and Perseverance

by mike on December 27, 2011

063 Beyond Your Wedding Day Podcast-Chaos at Christmas and Perseverance

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In this episode of the Beyond Your Wedding Day Podcast, we continued our discussion of the book Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas. We discussed Chapter 7 “Sacred History: Building the Spiritual Discipline of Perseverance.”

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-Building the spiritual discipline of perseverance

*often insecurities from past relationships breaking up when things got bad can creep into your marriage

*sometimes it takes you to look at your spouse and tell them “no matter how this argument turns out, I will NEVER LEAVE YOU!”

-God’s relationship with Israel is a good example of perseverance for us

            *there has been times of joy, infidelity, silence all in the history of God and Israel

*the thing that remains is that they and God still have a relationship, He hasn’t walked away

*It is a relatively new phenomenon for marriages to last long like they do now; men and women used to die much earlier than they do now

*the average marriage in 1911 lasted 28 years, by 1967 it had risen to 42 years

*many experts say that it takes at least a decade of marriage to really know and understand what marriage is like and to truly become one

-that’s why it’s sad for those people who give up earlier that that

*Perseverance is a spiritual discipline

            *to be truly holy, you have to continually choose the right path: over and over and over again

*two researchers have stated that they “have never observed a generally constant collaborative union between spouses during the period when they are raising children”

*we need to continue to have a long-term, eternity perspective as we continually choose to persevere in our marriages

-we may have to choose to be “less happy” short term if we are infatuated with someone outside the marriage in order to experience the long term joy, fulfillment and happiness that comes with perseverance

*does it really make sense to ditch our eternity even for a few decades of what we view as “happiness” when we don’t do what’s best for our children (which is to provide an intact, peaceful home)

*our culture is disgusting in that it will say divorce was “better for everyone in the long run”

*never allow yourself to ask the question “did I marry the right person?”

*instead, you should focus on serving the person you did marry “How can I best serve the person I married”

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