062 Beyond Your Wedding Day Podcast-A Reflection of Yourself

by mike on December 13, 2011

062 Beyond Your Wedding Day Podcast-A Reflection Of Yourself

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In this episode of the Beyond Your Wedding Day Podcast, we continued our discussion of the book Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas. We discussed Chapter 6 “The Cleansing of Marriage.”

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-A great quote from the beginning of the chapter:

            “One of the best wedding gifts God gave you was a full-length mirror called your spouse.  Had there been a card attached, it would have said, ‘Here’s to helping you discover what you’re really like!’”

-Being married to someone can really show us where our sinfulness lies

            *you may think you are a forgiving and patient person, but realize quickly that you are revengeful and impatient with your spouse after only a few short months

*being so close to someone as is necessary in marriage makes your life a complete open book.  There is no “taking off” being married.  What you eat, how you act, every movie/show that you watch will all be scrutinized by your spouse

*it takes extreme courage to allow yourself to be confronted with your sins by your spouse.  To ask them “where does my unholiness lie and how can I change that?”

*“do you hide from your spouse or do you utilize the spotlight of marriage to grow in grace?”

*embrace marriage as a spiritual discipline and it will help cleanse you, an examination of conscience of sorts

-“Couples don’t fall out of love as much as they fall out of repentance”

            *use marriage as a way to work on the opposite, positive of your sins

-for example, if you are impatient, seek reconciliation and then consciously practice patience with your spouse

-if you use your words to tear others down, seek reconciliation and then consciously use words to build your spouse up

*we can basically view marriage as a way to become more holy and closer to God if we go in with the right attitude

-How do you handle your spouse’s sin?

            *you can take your spouse’s faults and beat them over the head with them

*or you can help your spouse become more and more like Jesus Christ

*in the case of an affair, it is extremely natural to throw it back in the face of your spouse repeatedly.  To get past this, you have to use true forgiveness in your life

-You will find the most fulfillment in your marriage when you concentrate on being a better (husband) than finding a better (wife)

            *seriously, really think about the times you have been most fulfilled in your marriage

*not sure why it works, but it does work to be satisfied with the SAME spouse after changing yourself, especially if that change is with the intent of growing close to Jesus

-Sin is a reality, it is something you cannot escape in this fallen world.  It’s how you respond to it (both your own and your spouse’s) that will determine the success of your marriage.

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