056 Beyond Your Wedding Day Podcast-Marriage Makes You Holy

by mike on October 26, 2011

056 Beyond Your Wedding Day Podcast-Marriage Makes You Holy

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In this episode of the Beyond Your Wedding Day Podcast, we had to do a little shorter show than normal.

We began our discussion of the book Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas.  We started with Chapter 1 “The Greatest Challenge in the World.

-“To spiritually benefit from marriage…we have to look at our disappointments, own up to our ugly attitudes, and confront our selfishness.”

-What if God designed marriage to make us holy more than to make us happy?

*maybe, just maybe, marriage is a tool to help us grow, especially spiritually

-Romance’s flaws

             *It’s not that romance in marriage is bad, it’s just that it is faulty to think that marriages can last on romance or romantic FEELINGS alone

*once someone starts to have any ill feelings at all toward their spouse, it shatters their view of romantic love

*any spiritually strong marriage must be built on mature love instead of romantic love

*once marriage hits the flat, boring times there are usually only a few options:

-many will break up their marriages (to try and recreate the “passion”)

-others just fall into a miserable warfare where each one passively-aggressively blames the other for their dissatisfaction

-some couples decide to simply “get along”

-some may just decide to pursue a deeper meaning, a spiritual truth hidden in the enforced intimacy of the marital situation

-Marriage calls us to an entirely new and selfless life

*any situation that causes you to confront your selfishness has enormous spiritual value

*happiness and holiness are not mutually exclusive, but looking at marriage through the lens of holiness can really change your attitude (a paradigm shift)

-We are going to discuss more of this topic next time.


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