054 Beyond Your Wedding Day Podcast- Stripped Down With Tony and Alisa DiLorenzo

by mike on October 12, 2011

054 Beyond Your Wedding Day Podcast-Stripped Down With Tony and Alisa DiLorenzo

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In this episode of the Beyond Your Wedding Day Podcast, we talk with the authors of the book Stripped Down by Tony and Alisa DiLorenzo from oneextraordinarymarriage.com. We discussed their story and what led up to their writing the book.

-They embarked on a 60 days of sex challenge when leading a small group at their church about intimacy.

-It completely changed their marriage and it has never been better today, even after 15 years since saying “I do”

-The main benefit from an intimacy lifestyle they have noticed is the increase in communication

-They have implemented a no rejection zone in the bedroom.  This alone has really transformed their marriage

-The take turns initiating sex so it doesn’t just fall on Tony to initiate and Alisa to say either yes or no

-Prayer before, after, and even during sex can be very powerful.  Alisa explains to Mandy what she means by that.

-If there is one thing you can do to start this right now in your own marriage is draw a line in the sand!  Quit making excuses and start doing it! (so to speak)

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