048 Beyond Your Wedding Day Podcast-Get Physical

by mike on August 31, 2011

048 Beyond Your Wedding Day Podcast-Get Physical

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In this episode of the Beyond Your Wedding Day Podcast,we continue our discussion on the book Stripped Down by Tony and Alisa DiLorenzo from oneextraordinarymarriage.com. We discuss chapter 9 entitled “Get Physical.”

Mike has his voice back!  A small portion of his recording he made for Mandy 12 1/2 years ago  is played in honor of some itunes reviews we got this past week.

We discuss how awesome our Thrive90 Fitness Program (affiliate link) is going. Check out our review of the program and see some updated fitness results after week 8!  We have now entered Phase III.

90 Days of Sex Challenge update: This past week was a total bust again.  Lack of test strips and the dreaded period have really hampered things :(


-Make a commitment to get in shape for yourself AND YOUR SPOUSE

            *if you have time to watch TV at all, then you have time to exercise

-Not only will you feel and look better to yourself if you get active, you will be the best you can be for your spouse (which is what they deserve, right?)

-If you find yourself more attractive, chances are your spouse will too

-Some people will like a form of exercise more than another.  Some may like biking, some running, some swimming, some weight lifting, etc.

            *find what you like and start doing it!

Exercise will give you more energy instead of just wanting to sit on the couch all the time exhausted

-Just start by taking a walk together

            *you don’t have to go from doing nothing to training for a marathon

-Exercise has sexual benefits for both men and women

            *men have 30% lower risk for erectile dysfunction

*20 minutes of exercise spurred greater sexual response the women according to a recent study

I’d love to help you and your spouse or fiance get on the same page financially. Here’s how.

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