046 Beyond Your Wedding Day Podcast-Just Do It

by mike on August 16, 2011

strong>046 Beyond Your Wedding Day Podcast-Just Do It

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In this episode of the Beyond Your Wedding Day Podcast,we continue our discussion on the book Stripped Down by Tony and Alisa DiLorenzo from oneextraordinarymarriage.com. We discuss chapter 7 entitled “Calendar It.”

We discuss how awesome our Thrive90 Fitness Program (affiliate link) is going. Check out our review of the program and see some of the results we have had in the first five weeks!

90 Days of Sex Challenge update: 23/44 unless you don’t count NFP days, then it’s 23/35.

Mike discussed the podcast episode he did with Steve @ MoneyPlan SOS about Dave Ramsey’s Great Recovery.

-Schedule time with your spouse into your calendar: go on a date!

-just spending time together isn’t as important as spending QUALITY time together

-Date nights and marriage are important (check out this article from Stu Gray about  the why of date nights)


-even scheduling sex (not exact date and time, but more windows of opportunity), is a sign of making it a priority

            *take one day off, and each take 3 days being the initiator

*this takes the burden off of the husband’s shoulders to always be the one “chasing after” the wife and being held to her particular mood or if she feels like it

-It becomes very hard to find time along together once kids enter the picture

            *make a commitment to start dating again (whether it be weekly or even monthly)

-Bottom line: put alone time on the calendar, find a babysitter, and JUST DO IT!

I’d love to help you and your spouse or fiance get on the same page financially. Here’s how.

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  • http://www.stupendousmarriage.com/ Stu Gray

    Hi Mike and Mandy! Thanks for the link…checking out your podcast now! Awesome stuff. (PS – glad you enjoyed the Burped and Farted line…! 😉

  • Mike Young

    Ha!  No problem Stu.  I loved that article.  That’s why I subscribe to your blog!

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