045 Beyond Your Wedding Day Podcast-Who Wants To Do It With A Dufus

by mike on August 9, 2011

045 Beyond Your Wedding Day Podcast-Who Wants To Do It With A Dufus

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In this episode of the Beyond Your Wedding Day Podcast,we continue our discussion on the book Stripped Down by Tony and Alisa DiLorenzo from oneextraordinarymarriage.com. We discuss chapter 6 entitled “What Do We Do Now.”

We discuss how awesome our Thrive90 Fitness Program (affiliate link) is going.  Check out our review of the program and see some of the results we have had in the first five weeks!

90 Days of Sex Challenge update: 18/36 unless you don’t count NFP days, then it’s 18/27.  We have found the challenge to be awesome for our marriage, both physically, and with increasing intimacy.

-Try to actively avoid getting in a rut

            *marriage should be fun, don’t be serious all the time (I know we are completely serious all the time on this show, so we apologize for the hypocrisy)

-although you are very likely to have your own activities you enjoy, you need to find activities you both enjoy doing and go do them together!

            *Mike likes volleyball, Mandy likes cross-stitch

*unfortunately, it is now common for marriages to break up after the kids leave b/c the parents have never had any recreation time together: they don’t have anything they enjoy doing together!

-Make a top ten list of activities you like to do, your spouse should do the same independently (see ours below)

            *find any activities that may overlap and start doing them (we bolded the ones in our list that overlap)

*if you don’t have any overlap, do it again with five more

*keep going until you get a match!

*yes, sex can be one of the activities!

*you might even learn something about your spouse even if you’ve been married for a decade or more

-The key is once you find an activity (or two or three), then make time in your schedule to do it!

            *this can be particularly hard for you busy couples, especially with little children when you have to find a babysitter

*remember, what’s best for your children is that their Mommy and Daddy have a strong, healthy marriage (after all, they will most likely marry someone whom you have modeled)

-Be mindful that if your spouse agrees to do something they don’t particularly like just to support you and have couple time, you need to be sensitive to that!

*if we went and played tennis, it would be ridiculous of Mike to play as absolutely hard as he can and make fun of her if she struggles a bit at first

*Or if we took a dance class and Mandy had no patience for Mike’s ability (or lack thereof)

-Mandy has been awesome in learning about football, baseball, basketball, etc. so that she can intelligently watch them with Mike  (pretty sure she might actually like watching them, too!)

There is a great list of activities starting on pg 74 of the book

Quote of the night: “Who wants to do it with a dufus”

Mike’s Top 10:

1.)    Going for a walk

2.)    Bike riding

3.)    Playing Volleyball, basketball, golf, or basically any sport

4.)    Live Cardinals, U of I, Bears games

5.)    Plays and musicals

6.)    Concerts

7.)    Driving (road-tripping)

8.)    Amusement Parks

9.)    Hanging out with friends (at their or our house)

10.)                        Renting a movie

11.)                        Reading

12.)                        Cards (Euchre/Poker)


Mandy’s Top 10:

1.)    Weekend trips

2.)    Cross-stitching

3.)    Walks

4.)    Dining Out/eating treats

5.)    Working out

6.)    Napping

7.)    Reading

8.)    Laying out

9.)    Dancing

10.)                    Hiking

11.)                    Going to the lake

12.)                    Mini-golf

13.)                    Cardinal games

14.)                    Museum

15.)                    Board games


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