037 Beyond Your Wedding Day Podcast-Intimate Touch

by mike on June 14, 2011

037 Beyond Your Wedding Day Podcast-Serving Your Spouse

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In this episode of the Beyond Your Wedding Day Podcast, we continue our discussion on the book The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman. We discuss chapter 8 entitled “Love Language #5: Physical Touch.”

Mandy and I discuss what we discovered about our wedding video on our 9 year anniversary!

-much research has been done showing that babies are healthier and happier when they are held and touched (kissed, hugged, etc)

-a nice, loving hug to your spouse will communicate love, but it will scream love if touch is their love language!

-infidelity can be extra tough for someone whose love language is physical touch (“his emotional tank is not only empty; it has been riddled by an explosion”)

-It can be an almost natural response 2 people to hug each other during a crises b/c it communicates love

*it would be a huge, maybe unforgettable, mistake for you to not hug your spouse when they are going through a crises (death of a parent, etc) if physical touch is their primary love language.

-hand through the hair, giving a back rub, holding hands, hugging, sexual intercourse are all example of touch to show love

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