036 Beyond Your Wedding Day Podcast-Serving Your Spouse

by mike on June 7, 2011

036 Beyond Your Wedding Day Podcast-Serving Your Spouse

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In this episode of the Beyond Your Wedding Day Podcast, we continue our discussion on the book The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman. We discuss chapter 7 entitled “Love Language #4: Acts of Service.”

It’s a special 9 year wedding anniversary edition of the show for Mike and Mandy!

-Acts of service (cooking a meal, setting the table, cleaning the bathroom, doing the dishes, cleaning the house, mowing the grass, paying the bills, etc) are all ways to show love

-it may be helpful for a spouse whose primary love language is acts of service to write down a list of 4 to 5 things that if their spouse did would help them feel loved  (ex: make the beds everyday, vacuum the house once per week, etc.)

-what we do for each other before marriage is no indication of what we will do for each other after marriage (after the “in-love” feeling wears off)

-Love is a choice and cannot be coerced

*it’s impossible to demand love from someone

*requests work much better than demands and criticism

-Pay attention to your spouse’s criticisms-they are most likely telling you THERE love language

-When we treat our spouses as servants, they are no longer your lover

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