012 Beyond Your Wedding Day Podcast-Faith and Marriage

by mike on December 7, 2010

012 Beyond Your Wedding Day Podcast- Faith and Marriage

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In this episode of the Beyond Your Wedding Day Podcast, we continue our discussion on “The First Five Years of Marriage” book by the staff at Focus on the Family.

Part VIII is about spiritual issues.

Mike and Mandy discuss a “chore trade” Mandy did with a friend.

Here are some questions we discussed about spiritual issues in marriage:

1. How can faith keep us together?

2. What if we don’t like the same church?

3. Should we pray together?

4. What does a Christ-centered home look like?

5. What if my spouse isn’t a Christian?

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  • Ashleigh&Christopher

    Praying together is an awkward thing…For us we made sure that spontaneous prayer started before dinner instead of a versed prayer. Hearing things like ” Thank you for the opportunity to become parents” or “guide us and direct us with this…” coming from Christopher’s mouth refreshes me in knowing that those concerns he expresses to God can not be held against him by me. It’s a time where we can express what’s REALLY on our mind and its outloud and so your spouse becomes involved with the inner most thoughts…


    But- I think it is important. But it doesn’t have to be a time set aside necessarily. Another idea is to write each other letters about what your thankful for and what you could use prayers for. Finish the note by the opposite spouse confirming that they prayed about those things and even write a small written prayer so there is a common understanding of what is being prayed for :)

  • http://beyondyourweddingday.com Mike Young

    Thanks for the ideas Ashleigh! They are really good. I’m also glad to hear we’re not the only ones who think it’s awkward!

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