“What Do You Mean The Money I Earn Isn’t Mine?”

by mike on September 17, 2009

Did you know that for all the sweat, blood, and tears you put into earning money, the money isn’t ultimately yours?  The car, the house, the big screen television: none of it is yours.  You’re probably thinking that I have really lost my mind by now.  That may be true, but just hear me out.

Psalm 24:1 says “The earth is the Lord’s, and all it contains, the world, and those who dwell in it.”  In other words, God owns everything.   We are called to be good stewards, or managers, of this world and its contents, including money.  You may be wondering: why is this important?

If you can really wrap your brain, and especially your heart, around this concept, it will greatly affect how you view and handle your money.  If you truly acknowledge, deep down in your soul, that it is all God’s money and you are just called to manage it well, it will transform your financial life.

The most powerful change in your life will come as you shift your paradigm.  You change how you look at things.  You may have experienced this before, whether it be how you eat, how you treat a family member, or your empathy towards someone who is sick.  Usually this paradigm shift occurs because something happens to you in your life that shocks you to your core.

As a manager, you don’t have the emotional tie to the money as compared to being the owner.  You need to step outside of yourself and really ask if you are doing a good job with the money God has given you.  You are smart enough to handle money properly, so why do so many of us mess it up?  It’s because the  owner hat is on and not the manager hat.

Still doubting yourself?  What if I hired you to manage $4,000 a month of my money?  I guarantee you are intelligent and responsible enough to do that for me.  The first thing you would do is write down all the things the money had to be used for.  You would spend some time planning, organizing, and setting goals for the money.  If it was your job, you would make sure it was done well.  The thing is, it is your job.  It is a job given to you by God to manage His money well.

This concept of managing God’s money well is one of the first things I discuss with my new clients.  Once you shift your paradigm from owner to manager, the rest of the concepts I teach fall into place.  Although not impossible, it is very difficult to truly have peace about your finances until that shift occurs.  My challenge to you is to spend some time soul searching about how you view your money.  If you realize that you have been acting as the owner of your money (and your life for that matter), then my advice is to simply hire yourself as manager.  Your life will be truly blessed for it.

  • Gwittland

    great article Mike !!!

  • Mike Young

    Thanks Greg, appreciate it!

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